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Veterinarians are here 24 hours per day and no appointment is necessary in emergency circumstances.

We are centrally located within a few miles of the NJ Turnpike, Route 322 and 295.

Our doctors and staff will coordinate closely with your primary care veterinarian, so that we exchange medical records to ensure we have the information we need to care for your pet and so that your veterinarian’s office maintains complete records following your visit at our hospital.

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Feline Hyperthyroidism/I-131

The Marshall Center for the Treatment of Feline Hyperthyroidism

We offer the same treatment for feline hyperthyroidism that human hospitals use: Orally-dosed Radioactive Iodine, also known as I-131 which is the ‘short hand’ for the radioactive isotope which impacts the cause of the disease.

A single pill containing a carefully-dosed amount of I-131 offers a lifetime cure for feline hyperthyroidism in 98% of cases. Because thyroid tissues absorb nearly all the iodine in a cat’s body, a specifically-crafted dose of radioactive iodine can attack the abnormal tissues causing hyperthyroidism in cats.

I-131 saves cat owners time, money and stress because it frees them of the burdens and costs of daily pills, specialized foods and invasive options like surgery.

Cats undergoing I-131 therapy must adhere to important special recovery directions due to subsiding radioactivity. Our veterinarians and staff will explain these rules to you, but don’t worry…they are very manageable and safe.

The Marshall Center at Saint Francis is named in honor of Dr. Daniel Marshall, who is a pioneer in the oral delivery of I-131 in cats in the United States. Dr. Marshall designed the Nuclear Medicine facility at Saint Francis, and remains a trusted colleague, friend and advisor of our Nuclear Medicine staff.





Pet Owners

Be our guest! Come see what’s made our family-owned hospital special for over 30 years. There’s a reason that more than 25,000 of your friends and neighbors choose Saint Francis each year with the health and wellness of their pets.

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Referring Veterinarians

Our goal is to practice medicine according to the greatest traditions of our industry, so that referring doctors can have confidence their clients are receiving the quality of care that their patients deserve.

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Community Service

Saint Francis humbly traveled the world in search of opportunities to be a positive force for good. While we can’t necessarily travel the world, we love being actively involved in our local communities!

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