Veterinary acupuncture is a centuries-old practice that helps the body cope with conditions or symptoms by triggering important responses via delicate fine needle insertions into the body. The depth of needle insertion, the type of stimulation applied to the needles, and the duration of each treatment session depends on the patient’s tolerance and the condition being treated.

Conditions treated:

  • Chemotherapy – minimizing side effects
  • Chronic conditions – asthma, geriatric weakness, skin problems
  • Dermatologic disorders
  • Gastrointestinal disorders – diarrhea, constipation, vomiting, poor appetite
  • Immune system disorders
  • Musculoskeletal problems – soreness, pain, osteoarthritis, degenerative joint disease
  • Neurological disorders – seizure, weakness from chronic disc disease, radial nerve or facial paralysis
  • Pulmonary disorders
  • Reproductive disorders