So important! Spaying/neutering your pet is one of the most important things you can do as a pet owner…it’s highly cost-effective when compared to both health risks and the cost of caring for unwanted litters, AND there are very important health benefits to the procedure!

Benefits of Spay

  • Prevents unwanted litters
  • Helps prevent uterine infections
  • Helps prevent breast tumors, which is fatal in 50 percent of dogs and 90 percent of cats
  • Prevents females from going into heat four to five days every three weeks during breeding seasons

Benefits of Neuter

  • Prevents unwanted litters
  • Prevents testicular cancer
  • Prevents certain prostate problems
  • Reduces the male dog instinct to escape the yard to find a female in heat

Costs of Spay/Neuter

We offer two options for spay/neuter procedures, both of which are cost-effective and affordable.

  • RECOMMENDED: Our regular affordable spay/neuter procedure includes extra steps to ensure full safety, comfort and recovery for your pet. We strongly recommend this so that we can place a catheter which helps our doctors provide extraordinary care if your pet has a reaction during or after the procedure; we can supply fluids; and we can administer important pain medications during recovery. All prices are affordable and cost-effective, and varies depending on the size of your pet.
  • Friends of Animals Certificates save even more money BUT this option does NOT include placement of a catheter, fluids and pain medications during recovery. You must get a Friends of Animals Certificate by clicking here, and then you can schedule your pet’s procedure with us.

What’s the difference in options for spay/neuter?

We get asked this all the time…the answer is this: If you can afford a few dollars more, it is safer and far more comfortable for your pet to have a catheter placed with fluids and pain medications.

Spay/neuter is often misunderstood as a simple, painless procedure, but it is not simple or painless. Any time you remove an organ from the body, there is risk and pain involved.  For the benefit of your pet, the optimal option (catheter, fluids and pain medication) is the RECOMMENDED course, but we recognize that money is tight these days and we gladly offer Friends of Animals low-cost procedures where necessary.

No matter which option you choose…remember, every patient is special to us! We care for all pets the same – it’s just that the recommended option is safer and far more comfortable whenever possible.