Medical Boarding Pre-Arrival Questionnaire

To ensure we are able to make your pet’s stay as comfortable as possible as well as to make check-in more efficient, all pet parents are asked to complete this questionnaire PRIOR to their pet’s arrival. Remember that your Medical Boarding reservation is not confirmed until a member of our team has called you to confirm.

MedBoard Pre-Arrival Questionnaire

Family Information

Emergency Contact Information

Medications and Treatments

Preexisting conditions? *
Required medications? *

Nutrition instructions

Food type - wet, dry or both *
Preferred feeding times - select all that apply *
Meals or free choice *

Environmental History

In the past 10 days, has your pet been exposed to a wild animal or bit anyone? *

General Health and Wellness

Activity/energy/alertness *
Appetite *
Water consumption *
Bowel movement frequency *
Urination frequency *
Coughing/sneezing/vomiting/diarrhea? *
Mobility - does your pet exhibit any issues when walking, running or playing? (example: limps, exhibits pain, etc) *


Add services

Would you like us to provide your pet any services while staying with us?


Additional Instructions