Dog Health Camp

Our Dog Health Camp is a daily therapeutic service that helps your pup exercise, lose or maintain ideal weight and socialize. Patients are enrolled in the service following an examination to evaluate their physical and behavioral fitness for the program. Typical program enrollees include patients on weight loss programs, fitness improvement plans and behavioral programs.

Indoor Romper Room

Our indoor romper room is a large space where dogs can play under supervision all day! We have separate large and small dog spaces, including separated nap time kennels!

Outdoor Play Space

When the weather permits, our daycare dogs have supervised play outside in our 10-foot fenced exercise space!

Rules of Dog Health Camp

  • All Health Camp dogs receive a free veterinary behavior consultation to ensure they can play nice with others!
  • Rough play isn’t allowed!
  • Appointments are necessary to reserve a spot!
  • No breeds are excluded, but only dogs that pass a behavior assessment with a veterinarian are allowed in order to make the experience safe for everyone.
  • Large and small dogs are separated into special protected and monitored groups.