Dog Training

Doesn’t it always seem like our dogs get smarter as they get older? It’s true…

Thing is, they can behave as you want them to with a little education…and we can help!

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Puppy Training I

For puppies age 10 weeks to 6 months old who are current on vaccines, this series of 6 sessions will teach your pup all the basics!

  • Simple commands like sit, down, come and stay
  • Choosing the right gear – collar vs harness, proper leash
  • Leash training
  • Nail trims
  • Basic manners
  • House training tips

How classes work:

  • 10 minutes of free play – this aids in socialization
  • 40 minutes of class time
  • 10 minutes of free play

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Puppy Training II

For puppies older than 6 months or who have completed Puppy Training I AND who are current on vaccines, this series of 6 sessions will teach next-level manners!

  • Reinforcement of simple commands, leash training, house training and basic manners
  • Off leash training
  • Working with distractions

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Adult Training

For dogs aged 1 year or older AND who are current on vaccines, this 6-session course will help build a connection between owners and their dogs to minimize distractions, focus on commands and exhibit good manners! Prior training is not required.

  • Basic commands like sit, come and stay
  • Socialization with dogs and people
  • Manners for the house
  • Socialization with other people and dogs
  • Leash training
  • Off leash training
  • Listening and obeying

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Health Camp Bootcamp

For dogs attending our Health Camp, these sessions will prepare your dog for playful exercise in a group setting at Saint Francis.

  • 30 minute sessions twice daily
  • 1 to 2 sessions per week (available in packages)
  • Individually tailored to the dog’s needs

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