High School Program

Saint Francis has partnered with Kingsway Regional High School to co-teach the Animal Science curriculum and host students for seminars, wet-labs and hands-on experience at our hospital throughout the year.

Veterinary Science Practicum

Students participating in the Practicum are exposed to practical coursework co-taught by Kingsway teachers and veterinary professionals from Saint Francis.  Practicum students extend their learning outside the classroom through in-hospital seminars, wet labs and hands-on experience in all areas and disciplines of veterinary medicine.

Veterinary Science Fellowship and Scholarship Program

A select group of students are chosen each year based on academic performance to receive paid externship rotations through the hospital as opportunities to earn scholarships to pursue college studies in the sciences.

Applications to the Veterinary Science Program

Interested high school students must be enrolled in good standing in the Kingsway Regional High School Animal Science Program.  Guidance counselors and teachers in the program will discuss Practicum, Fellowship and Scholarship opportunities with interested students.

If your high school would like to participate in the program, please have your Principal or Superintendent contact our office!