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Range of motion exercises

Passive range of motion exercises combined with stretching exercises help maintain or improve the ability of a patient’s joints to flex and extend, as well as to increase body awareness and overall flexibility of muscles and tendons. There are also techniques we can employ to assist the patient to actively move their joints under their own power to help restore their range of motion needed to carry out daily activities.

Rollins_1“The Rollins Center offers animals the same state of the art rehabilitation services that I use in my career as a professional athlete.  Our services can assist patients with post-surgical recovery; prevention of further injury; recovery and healing of muscle strains, ligament ruptures, joint sprains and bone fractures; assuaging of patient anxiety or stress; reduction of muscle tightness or spasm; management of chronic conditions including arthritis and degenerative disease; promotion of flexibility and range of motion; weight management; and other beneficial therapies.” -Jimmy Rollins, All Star shortstop for the Philadelphia Phillies