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Pre- and post-surgery

Pre- and post-surgery

The periods before and after a surgical procedure are critically important for long-term success for the patient.  In some instances, a surgeon may recommend that a patient should undergo a pre-surgical therapy regimen (“prehab”) in order to make the candidate stronger prior to surgery and improve the post-op outcome.  These therapy programs are designed to condition and enhance the patient’s physical health prior to surgery.  Just as in humans, physical rehabilitation following a procedure is the surest way to help regain strength and balance, minimize recovery time, improve range of motion and increase the long-term prospects for successful and full recovery.

For some patients, for whom surgery is not an option for whatever reason, physical rehabilitation is used to strengthen muscles, decrease pain, and improve mobility for long-term health.

Rollins_1“The Rollins Center offers animals the same state of the art rehabilitation services that I use in my career as a professional athlete.  Our services can assist patients with post-surgical recovery; prevention of further injury; recovery and healing of muscle strains, ligament ruptures, joint sprains and bone fractures; assuaging of patient anxiety or stress; reduction of muscle tightness or spasm; management of chronic conditions including arthritis and degenerative disease; promotion of flexibility and range of motion; weight management; and other beneficial therapies.” -Jimmy Rollins, All Star shortstop for the Philadelphia Phillies