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Digital Lameness Detection

Digital Lameness Detection

The Rollins Center for Animal Rehabilitation is one of only three hospitals in America, and one of only twenty in the world, to utilize a digital lameness detection treadmill (as of April 11, 2013).

  • Captures far more sequential steps for analysis of paw function and gait than digital walkways, providing medical professionals with enhanced diagnostic data
  • Utilizes the proprietary Lameness Score (GLS)
  • Provides data for objective and quantified analysis that is used to answer clinical and research related questions
  • Provides automated calculation of an array of lameness parameters
  • Identify asymmetries and pressure profile discrepancies between front and hind or left and right paws
  • Monitor improvements in strength and weight-bearing
  • Assess high or low pressures and deviated Center of Force trajectories due to lameness and perturbed gait

Benefits of This Analysis

  • Automated calculation of gait parameters
  • Analyze the relationship between multiple foot strikes and save time on analysis
  • Speed healing time
  • Evaluate limb and paw vitality
  • Objective documentation of mobility issues