New Jersey mini-map with Saint Francis Veterinary Center marker
392 Kings Highway
Woolwich Township
New Jersey 08085


The Rollins Center for Animal Rehabilitation offers patient care according to an affordable fixed fee schedule, which allows clients to plan and budget for their pets’ health needs without having to worry about unanticipated ‘a la carte’ costs. ¬†Whereas other rehabilitation services charge clients separately for each therapeutic modality utilized, we charge flat fees based on the actual time your pet spends working with health professionals.

For example, your pet may require hydrotherapy, massage and laser therapy, handled by a technician and overseen by a specially trained veterinarian.  Rather than charge individually for each service with additional fees for personnel, our fixed fee structure means your pet will receive every necessary therapy for a single fixed fee that is based on the time actually spent working with your pet.

The Rollins Center offers significant value to pet owners by providing advanced physical rehabilitation services for animals under the leadership of specially trained medical personnel – all for fixed, low prices.