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Worldwide & Online Distribution

Veterinary Publishing & Distribution

Saint Francis Veterinary Press Authors can take part in various options to deliver their finished works through both print and digital distribution of your completed manuscript.

Saint Francis Veterinary Press Print Distribution includes :

  • Both US and European Amazon.com listings
  • Listing in the Ingram catalog for retailer purchases
  • Listing in the Baker & Taylor Catalog for university and library purchases
  • Listing in the NACSCORP Catalog for a wider distribution to retail outlets
  • Wholesale drop shipping made directly through Saint Francis Press 

Digital Distribution Includes:

St. Francis Veterinary Press Digital Distribution includes downloads for all major ePub readers including:

  • Kindle
  • Apple Devices
  • Nook
  • Sony Devices
  • Android
  • Kobo
  • Cricket
  • and other popular devices

Titles at Saint Francis Veterinary Press are linked directly to trusted download partners that handle seamless integration with your ePub Devices.

For questions related to how we offer your book titles to retailers worldwide, please contact us for more information.