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Referred Client Return Policy

We developed this policy based on input from referring veterinarians in our region. Our goal with this policy is to communicate clearly our commitment to return all referred clients to their primary veterinarian following care at Saint Francis Veterinary Center – as well as our methods of enforcing this important policy. We welcome your input – please contact Julie Fitzpatrick, Referral and Marketing Specialist, at with any recommendations or preferences that we may incorporate into our policy.  Our goal is to operate according to a policy that is clear and unquestionably reliable, collegial and cooperative.

Referred Client Return Policy

Saint Francis Veterinary Center seeks to deliver excellent medical services on a referral basis only within disciplines considered ‘specialized’.  These disciplines are always publicly listed and explained, including details on services and staff, at This ensures that referring veterinarians may be clear regarding both the capabilities of Saint Francis Veterinary Center as well as our policies and procedures – especially regarding our Referred Client Return Policy.

Referring veterinarians may set their own preferences with our medical team regarding hospitalized patients.  Some referring veterinarians prefer all patients to transfer to their hospital upon stabilization, while others prefer cases to remain under our care until discharge.  Our medical team will facilitate any referring veterinarian preferences regarding transfer and hospitalization

Clients referred to Saint Francis Veterinary Center for specialty care are advised that all follow-up care must occur with their referring, primary care veterinarian. If they do not have a primary care veterinarian, we recommend they make an appointment with a hospital close to their homes by searching here.

Saint Francis Veterinary Center does not offer primary or wellness care. No referred client may be permitted to receive such care at our hospital for any reason. Practice regulations dictate that no exceptions are made under any circumstance.

The staff of Saint Francis Veterinary Center do not have authority to consider or approve exemptions to the Referred Client Return Policy. This policy is overseen by an external Veterinarian Board of Advisors, comprised of referring veterinarians in the region, and the Board likewise does not consider exemptions under any circumstances.

All referring hospitals may seat a member on the Veterinarian Board of Advisors.

  • To seat a member from your hospital, click here.