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Visiting Hours

Visiting Hours

We ask that pet owners schedule a visit according to these visiting hours whenever possible:

Monday – Friday:
11am-3pm and 9pm-11pm.

Saturday, Sunday and Holidays:

Pet owners wishing to see a patient should call ahead to schedule a visit to ensure that the pet is awake and alert, and that our staff can accommodate the visit without impacting the care of other patients.  We ask that only two family members at a time visit your pet unless prior approval is received. This ensures that your pet remains calm and also allows our medical staff to work with other patients without interruption or interference.

In some cases, our health care team may determine that seeing a family member may cause your pet to become needlessly unsettled or anxious. In such circumstances, we may advise that you wait for a period of time before visiting.

Visiting pets on the day of an anesthetic procedure is not advised, to allow your pet necessary time to recover and settle.

If you are unable to visit your pet during designated visiting hours, our staff will do everything we can to accommodate your needs. We know how worried you may be about your beloved pet, and we want to do anything we can to help you through the treatment experience.  Please make clear your needs to your doctor or someone on our staff, and we will make our best efforts to schedule a special time for your visit.

Marshall Center for the Treatment of Feline Hyperthyroidism visitation regulations

Government regulations require that cats undergoing Radioactive Iodine Therapy (I-131) must be specially housed for a period that usually lasts about 4 days.  Visitors are not allowed during this short period.  This ensures that high standards of safety are met for the cat, the client and our staff.  The cat is comfortable at all times in a dedicated ward known as the Marshall Center for the Treatment of Feline Hyperthyroidism. During this period, our staff will update pet owners each day by phone.

Pets in Isolation

Due to the risk of transmission of infectious disease, visitation is not permitted for pets in isolation.