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New Jersey 08085

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Primary Care Outside Saint Francis

Saint Francis Veterinary Center does not offer routine wellness or primary care.

Saint Francis Veterinary Center is staffed and equipped for specialty and emergency cases only. We are unable to offer routine wellness or primary care services, such as vaccines, spays and neuters.  By hospital regulation we are unable to make exceptions to this policy. Primary care itself is a specialized area of veterinary medicine that is best handled by doctors who are thoroughly familiar with your pet’s full medical history.

The staff of Saint Francis Veterinary Center do not have authority to consider or approve exemptions to this policy. This policy is overseen by an external Veterinarian Board of Advisors, and the Board likewise does not consider exemptions under any circumstances.  There is no method or process by which a pet owner can seek or be granted permission to receive primary care services at Saint Francis Veterinary Center.

Your primary care veterinarian is most knowledgeable of your pet’s medical history and is best equipped for all follow-up and routine wellness care following your pet’s visit to Saint Francis Veterinary Center.

If you do not presently have a primary care veterinarian, you may find one near you by using the links below