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  • CHARITY: Saint Francis Sponsors DeBella Dog Walk

    Categories: Events

    Saint Francis Veterinary Center will be attending the 12th Annual 102.9 WMGK DeBella Dog Walk on May 4 at Green Lane Park in Green Lane, PA. Attending the event with us are over 30 rescues….

  • FREE SERVICE: Free Eye Exams for Service Animals in May

    Categories: Alerts, Events

    Saint Francis Veterinary Center of South Jersey is offering free eye examinations to eligible service animals, including guide dogs, handicapped assistance animals, detection dogs, therapy animals, military working animals, psychiatric dogs, and search and rescue….

  • ARTICLE: Lilies pose significant risk to cats

    Categories: Articles

    The white, trumpet-shaped Easter lily symbolizes Easter and spring for many people, and is a popular decoration in homes at this time of year. If you have cats, however, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA)….

  • Free Eye Exams for Service Animals in May

    Categories: Events

    Dear Friends and Colleagues, During the Month of May, I am pleased to offer complementary eye examinations for all Service Animals at Saint Francis Veterinary Center of South Jersey. The 7th annual ACVO sponsored National Service Animal….

  • Frostbite in Dogs

    Categories: Articles

    What is frostbite? Frostbite or congelatio in medical terminology is the damage that is caused to skin and other tissues due to extreme cold. When the environmental temperature drops below 32°F (0°C), blood vessels close to the skin….

  • Cat grooming another cat

    Spotlight Cats: Healthy Skin & Coat

    Categories: Spotlights

    Coat and Skin Appearance in the Healthy Cat The general condition of your cat’s skin and coat are good indicators of its health. A healthy coat should be shiny and smooth, not coarse or brittle,….