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The Cost of Care

Saint Francis Veterinary Center does not receive government or other assistance and relies entirely on fees for services to operate.

Saint Francis Veterinary Center is committed to providing high standards of medical care at the most reasonable costs possible.  As a leading specialty and emergency center, Saint Francis Veterinary Center relies upon the experience and knowledge of our highly skilled, board-certified veterinary specialists, veterinarians and licensed technicians as well as the industry’s most advanced technologies.  Additionally, Saint Francis Veterinary Center is staffed 24-hours per day, every day of the year by an experienced and compassionate medical team constantly monitoring our patients.

We understand that the costs of specialized care can be a significant concern for families whose pets require advanced medical care.  Our staff will work with pet owners at all times to communicate accurate estimates of the cost of care so that families can budget and plan accordingly.

It is important to note that veterinary medicine, like human medicine, is not a precise science. The nature of some conditions makes it difficult to predict outcomes and sometimes requires evolving diagnostics, evaluations and treatments to reach success.  Therefore before treatment begins, and during any ongoing treatments, our medical team will recommend and update treatment plans and expense summaries to help you make sound decisions for your pet and for your family.

If the course of treatment causes the plan and estimate to vary more than 20%, you will be apprised of the recommended changes and additional costs before any additional measures are implemented.  If at any time you have concerns regarding costs or care, please discuss them with your doctor or attending nurse before treatment begins to ensure that our team has a clear understanding of your wishes.

You may learn about our payment policies here.

What if I can’t afford treatment?

If there is a financial concern, please notify us in advance as we do not wish to create any hardship for you. Affordable financing is available for qualified individuals. A member of our staff will be pleased to work with you and discuss any issue  prior to or at the time of the initial appointment. Please contact us for more information.