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392 Kings Highway
Woolwich Township
New Jersey 08085

856.467.0050 Main
856.467.8668 Veterinarians
856.832.3242 Administration
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Request an Appointment

There are three options to request an appointment:

Preferred option: Referral from primary veterinarian

It is strongly recommended that, whenever possible, your seek a referral from your pet’s primary veterinarian.  Doing this will ensure continuity of care as well as a thorough and methodical approach to your pet’s case.  Be sure to request that your veterinarian refer your pet’s case to Saint Francis Veterinary Center at 856.467.0050.  You should print out the SFVC Referral Information Sheet for your veterinarian to fax to us at 856.467.0050.

Appointment by Phone:

Call our appointment desk at 856.467.0050 to schedule an appointment.

Appointment by online request:

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