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Common Questions

What is Saint Francis Veterinary Center?
Saint Francis is a specialty and emergency center serving pet owners and primary care veterinarians in the South Jersey region.  We are open 24-hours per day, every day of the year.

What is a veterinary specialist?
A veterinary specialist is a doctor who has achieved Board Certification by completing up to 12 years of college education and training, with at least 3 years in residency studying a particular discipline.  Each has graduated from a four-year veterinary program and then has completed an additional four years of training in an internship and residency.  Finally, veterinarians who have completed their studies must pass rigorous training and testing requirements. The links below can educate you on the organizations that certify veterinary specialists:

Why would my pet need to see a specialist?
Your primary care veterinarian may refer you to take your pet to Saint Francis Veterinary Center if your pet requires specialized testing, treatments or procedures under the care of a Board Certified doctor or other uniquely experienced veterinarian.

Can Saint Francis Veterinary Center become my regular veterinary clinic?
No. Saint Francis offers specialty and emergency services only, and is not staffed or equipped for general practice medicine.  There are no exceptions. This policy is overseen by an external independent Veterinarian Board of Advisors and no staff at Saint Francis has authority to consider or approve any exceptions to this regulation. Your primary veterinarian is best equipped to work with your pet on wellness and primary care needs. Click here for more information.

How do I get a referral?
The most efficient and effective way is to contact your primary care veterinarian.  He or she will have the most thorough knowledge of your pet’s medical history, and therefore will have an important knowledge base and expertise in evaluating your pet’s needs.  Your veterinarian will decide whether a referral is necessary, and will then complete a referral form and ask you to make an appointment.

You do not need a referral or appointment for an emergency condition; just come in to receive urgent care.

Will my regular veterinarian be updated?
Yes. Our specialists work closely with your primary care veterinarian. They communicate every day your pet is in the hospital, and upon discharge our doctors will share all case information and pertinent medical records so that your primary care veterinary can handle follow-up care directly with you.

How do I schedule an appointment or procedure?
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