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Medical Boarding

Medical Boarding Service at Saint Francis

Medical Boarding is available for patients requiring around-the-clock monitoring or the administration of medicine at regular intervals throughout the day and night.intensive-care

Medical Boarding patients are monitored by our 24-hour medical team in the Department of Emergency and Critical Care, who have special training in the type of care these pets require.  The team includes Board Certified doctors and specially certified nurses who offer a mix of medical expertise and compassionate, comfortable care for pets under their supervision.

In the event that an unexpected medical emergency should occur with a medically boarded patient, the staff at Saint Francis is uniquely qualified to quickly evaluate and address the condition.

We know how hard it is to plan to be away when your beloved pet requires around the clock care. Our caring and compassionate doctors and nurses will provide a loving, caring, clean facility for your pets during your time away. All of our boarding areas are indoors and climate controlled. All patients receive a warm, clean blanket each and every day. Our nurses will give your pet fresh water, food and bedding throughout the day, and our assistants will take your pet for walks throughout the day. Our highly trained and compassionate veterinarians, technicians and assistants will make sure your pet receives his or her proper medication at the right times so you won’t have to worry while away.

Our staff will supply

  • Around the clock care and supervision
  • Nutritious meals
  • Comfortable, clean bedding

Important items to bring with you

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