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Grief Support

The loss of a pet can be one of the greatest emotional challenges we can experience. To many of us, a pet is a treasured member of our family. Despite this, our society lacks many of the traditional rituals that surround the grieving process when a human family member dies. In addition, not all people understand and respect the human-animal bond, and thus we may be subjected to thoughtless and hurtful comments from others who cannot empathize with what we feel as pet “parents”. We have compiled a list of helpful resources for those who are experiencing or anticipating grief.



Children & Pet Loss:

End of Life Decision Making:



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Pet Loss Support Hotlines:

Grief Support Groups:

Mental Health/Emotional Support Hotlines:


There are innumerable ways to pay tribute to a beloved pet. These are just a few suggestions.

  • A funeral or memorial service, attended by family and/or friends
  • A personalized urn or grave marker, such as the examples seen here:
  • Planting a tree, bush, or perennial flowers in memory of your pet
  • Create a collage, photo album or scrapbook of special memories of your pet
  • Write a story or obituary for your pet. One helpful product that can guide you through creating a tangible set of memories about your pet is: My Pet Remembrance Journal by Enid Traisman, Portland: DoveLewis Emergency Animal Hospital, 2010.
  • Light a candle in memory of your pet. This can be literal or virtual. The website has a candle ceremony for pet owners every Monday.
  • Create an online memorial for your pet (many websites offer this)
  • Ask your veterinarian to make a clay paw print of your pet (Saint Francis Veterinary Center offers this as part of our services)

You may make a memorial contribution to a pet friendly charity such as one of these:

Compiled April 2014 by Dr. Tabitha Hutton Last updated 4/28/14