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Hospice Care & Grief Support

Dr. Brad Bates offers hospice care at Saint Francis through the Lap of Love network of veterinarians.

Lap of Love’s philosophy centers around the human-animal bond and the need for that bond to be as undisturbed as possible during this most difficult time.

Dr. Brad helps out in the Philadelphia and South Jersey area, and has worked with our clients and patients. He proudly offers home hospice care and humane euthanasia. Dr. Brad will work closely with your veterinarians and continue the hospice care for patients through his home visits and phone consultations. He also helps clients and patients with home euthanasia if your family decides that is what they want for your beloved pet. Dr. Brad will keep your veterinarians informed of any ongoing care. Long-term pain management will be discussed with your veterinarians as well as laboratory services for monitoring blood work in patients on chronic medications.

Please see the Lap of Love webpage and contact Dr. Brad directly for further information at the following:

Dr. Brad’s biography >
P: 267-317-8110

More information: