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Avian & Exotic Medicine

The Department of Avian & Exotic Medicine

Heather_Cook_RadiographsBirds, reptiles and small mammals such as rabbits, ferrets, hamsters, sugar gliders, guinea pigs and small mammals are special pets, and they require special medical care from an experienced veterinarian.  Outstanding primary care with an avian and exotics veterinarian is very important to helping these pets live happy and healthy lives, as overall consistent wellness helps them fight off disease.  But when these pets do get sick, many times they may decline rapidly.  Prompt, outstanding care from experienced veterinarians is always important.

The staff in the Department of Avian and Exotic Medicine has more than fifty years experience offering wellness, emergency, surgical and diagnostic care for birds, reptiles and small mammals.  These special animals bring a sense of joy and quirky fun to the homes of their owners and we sincerely enjoy working with them…because they make us smile, too!

Animals Treated Services Offered
Birds Primary and wellness care
Reptiles (no venomous snakes) Behavioral health
Ferrets Acupuncture and herbal therapy
Rabbits Diagnosis, management & treatment of disease
Guinea Pigs Specialty diets
Hamsters 24-hour emergency & specialized critical care
Chinchillas Soft tissue & orthopedic surgery
Rats and Mice Beak & dental care
Sugar Gliders
Others (contact us with questions)



Nurses & Staff



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