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Operations Management and Strategies

Our experience with operations management stems from our experience building, growing and managing highly successful veterinary practices.  And we admit, that experience was tough to come by – because all the challenges that you’re facing we had to solve along the way.

If you’ve had a moment where you said to yourself “Wow, we’ve really grown…and the old ways of doing things aren’t so great anymore!” – trust us, you’re not alone. In fact, most owners and managers of successful practices face these challenges.  We certainly had those moments in the decades of managing our practices, and we would love to help you…

  • Information flow – Computers! Software! Paper charts! Fifteen different pieces of equipment that don’t talk to each other! Yep, welcome to the modern age of veterinary medicine.  Don’t worry, we’ve seen it all…
  • Technology – Technology in veterinary medicine is not unlike building a house – if you lay the right foundation, build the walls right, wire the electricity right, and put the tv in the right place, it’ll all work. But if you forget just one thing, or if one piece of the puzzle doesn’t fit, it’s a mess.  Our experience stems from building one of the most technologically-advanced hospitals in the country, and we would love to help you make technology work for you.
  • Facilities – How on earth can we make this building work like a veterinary hospital? Well, it can be done! We know because our team’s experience dates back to 1986 when we turned a run-down tv repair shop into an animal hospital that went on to win national recognition.
  • Expansion and renovation – We’ve helped design hospitals from the ground up, and we’ve expanded and renovated hospitals that went on to win national awards.  And we had a great time exploring possibilities…we’d love to consult with you on your growth plans!