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Medical Protocols

As veterinary professionals, it’s always our goal to practice the very best medicine that we can, maintaining the highest standards of care possible.

Sometimes this is easier said than done.  Times change. Therapies evolve. New medications evolve. And an endless parade of salespeople and vendors promise us the ‘next great thing’ each week in our offices. How to keep up?

In the decades that we’ve started, grown and managed successful veterinary practices, we’ve found that a sound practice begins with core philosophies.  You’ve got instincts regarding the way you want to practice medicine and manage your team, but it’s not always easy to know what fits best with your goals.

We can help you organize your thoughts and clarify your philosophies so that your practice can grow and evolve in a manner that upholds the traditions upon which you founded your hospital. Here’s how:

  • Core medical philosophies – Some practices are conservative, staying with tried and true methods developed over time. Others seek to stay at the forefront, trying new methods and therapies as they emerge.  Then there’s new trends – holistic therapies? Stem cell innovations? Veterinary medicine is always changing and growing.  We can help you take your ideas and goals and develop core philosophies that can help guide your practice into the future.
  • Medical protocols – Establishing clear protocols is what keeps your team all on the same page when it comes to patient care.  This takes time, thought and input from all the right people, but in the end, coordination and cooperation when it comes to medical protocols is essential to patient care. We can help…
  • Communicating with your team – Once you’ve developed your core philosophies and medical protocols, you’re not quite done. You’ve got to effectively communicate them to your team, and create an atmosphere of ‘buy-in’ so that everyone follows the rules.  This isn’t always easy, but don’t worry…all it takes is some creative thought, a few Lunch ‘n Learns, and a strategy to enforce protocols as well as efficiently solicit and evaluate new ideas over time.  We’ve done it, so we know it works.
  • Evaluating new ideas  – New ideas are a good thing. But they can become overwhelming if they aren’t processed and evaluated properly.  We can help devise strategies for your practice that welcome new ideas in convenient, manageable and responsive ways, so that you’re encouraging innovation among your team for the betterment of your practice.