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Marketing Strategies and Management

My cousin built my website and we have a page on facebook. We’re good at marketing, right?

Well, maybe.  We take the view that marketing has a purpose – it generates clients.  We don’t recommend marketing just for the sake of ‘getting our name out there’ because doing this poorly will hurt, not help.

Whether you’re a small town general practice trying to reach your friends and neighbors, or you’re a large practice in an urban or suburban demographic, our experience managing successful practices has shown that your approach to marketing should include an integrated, comprehensive approach so that everything reinforces your key message: we are great doctors who care about your beloved pets.

And no, marketing doesn’t need to cost an arm and a leg.  Here’s how we can help:

  • Brand and identity – Your brand doesn’t begin and end with a logo.  Your brand is your window to the world, and name, logo, color schemes and rules of use are critical to success.
  • Advertising – If I spend a dollar advertising, what should I expect in return? Where should I advertise? What should I say? We know that advertising decisions aren’t always as simple as others would think.
  • Website – With all due respect to your cousin who builds websites, the modern store front is on the web…and you need a website that conveys the quality of your medicine and the compassion of your team.  We take websites very seriously…oh, and we have lots of fun helping you put them together!
  • Social networks – OMG! Facebook, Twitter, FourSquare, Google+, Pinterest, where do we start? And where does it end? The tricky part is creating real value out of these awesome opportunities.
  • Earned media – Never heard of earned media? It’s great, here’s why: It’s free! Earned media is the generation of stories on your practice in the news, on blogs, in print and elsewhere in the media.  There’s an art to doing this successfully…but fear not, it can be loads of fun!
  • Demographic studies – You could sell the most awesome widgets, but if the people who live around you won’t buy them, there goes the farm!  Demographic studies analyze US Census data to determine who lives in your immediate market, what their average incomes are, how many are pet owners, and what they are likely to invest in their pets’ health.