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Staff Management and Human Resources

It’s become cliché in the modern age to say ‘your people are your top resource’.  After years building, growing and managing successful hospitals, we can tell you unequivocally: IT’S TRUE!

The most sophisticated medical equipment on earth can’t run themselves. Clients can’t greet themselves. Teamwork doesn’t ‘just happen’.  It takes hard work, focus and serious strategy to manage a happy team of employees.

Over the decades, we’ve seen the things that work, we’ve made some mistakes that taught us lessons, and even to this day we continue to explore innovative ideas to invest time and resources in our staffs.  Human Resources is a process, and just when you think you’ve got it down to a science, something out of the blue will pop up as a challenge.  We can help:

  • Negotiations – There is an art to negotiations, because even if you have great intentions – maybe even a promotion – sometimes negotiations turn ugly simply due to lack of clarity and perspective.  Before you negotiate a contract, talk to us. We can help.
  • Recruitment – Finding talented employees is not as easy as placing an ad in the paper anymore.  Part of the process is appropriately communicating what you’re hospital is all about. Part of it is determining where to recruit. And then there’s this: how do I know that a person is truly a good fit?  Over the years at our hospitals, we’ve narrowed in on strategies that achieve success, but it’s not been without mistakes that taught us lessons.  We’re happy to help develop a concerted, effective recruitment process for your practice.
  • Retention – Incentive programs, staff events, bonuses, team building exercises, training and CE opportunities, and a happy workplace environment.  It’s easy to talk about these kinds of things in the abstract, it’s another thing entirely to figure out how to budget important time, resources, efforts and money to accomplish them.  It takes a strategy…and that’s not always easy.  Have no fear…we can help!
  • Human resources – All I want to do is practice great medicine…I’m spending so much time on payroll, Family and Medical Leave Act requirements, Unemployment calls, Workman’s Comp claims – when does it end?? Well, unfortunately it never ends, because these are important elements of your overall workforce happiness.  We can help you organize an efficient and functional human resources process that will provide great benefit to your team.
  • Management appraisals and organization – How do I know if our management is doing a good job? Do I have the right people in the right places to be successful? We hear horror stories all the time where owners learn the hard way that their leaders aren’t leading.  We can help guide you through constructive, helpful management appraisals to ultimately develop a leadership team that serves you well.
  • Training and coaching – We’ve learned over the years that staff truly appreciate opportunities to expand their knowledge and grow together as a team.  We’ve learned, though, that it takes an integrated strategy over the whole year to do it cost-effectively and with maximum effect. The good news is there’s plenty of great opportunities that don’t cost anything, which can complement the CE opportunities that do.