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Financial Management

We’ve seen it a million times – veterinarians have big hearts and love what they do, but sometimes struggle with developing efficient modes of finance and accounting.  You’re not alone, most practice owners and managers at some point in their careers face a financial challenge so new or unique that no college class or VIN article can fully address it.

We know this because we’ve been there.  Our team has faced and overcome – and can advise you on – a number of financial challenges including:

  • Start ups – How on earth do I get my dream off the ground? We’ve done it…and we’d love to help you.
  • Associate buy-ins – When is the right time, and how do we construct this so it benefits everyone?
  • Acquisitions – Is now the right time to grow? What local, state and national economic policies and trends will affect me? Don’t worry…we’ve done this, too, and we can help.
  • Practice valuation – We’ve grown so much, what is my practice worth?
  • Cash flow analysis – We’re making money, but where on earth is it going? Relax, we’ve been where you are and can help streamline and achieve maximum efficiency.
  • Bookkeeping – They taught me great medicine in school, but accounting ledgers make my eyes hurt! How you keep your books is just as critical as your medical standards, and that’s where we come in.
  • Tax planning – Seriously…local, state and federal tax policies are killing us! Trust us, we’ve been there, too.
  • Financing and venture capital – We need to grow, but how do we get the best deal we can?  Our team has managed multi-million dollar deals for very successful hospitals.
  • Productivity analysis – Should I hire another doctor? Are the ones we have pulling their weight? Anything we can do to increase production? In our decades of practice, we’ve seen it all.
  • Budgeting – So many needs, and only so many dollars…how do I budget to accomplish everything we know that we need? Yeah, we know – if only money grew on trees.  We’re here to help and we’ve seen it all.
  • Expansion and renovation – When? How? From planning to financing to architects and building inspectors…we’ve done it, and we can help.