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Water & temperature therapies

Water and temperature have been elements in natural therapies for thousands of years and for many cultures in the world.  They are also important elements in modern, or Western, therapies as well.

Water (hydro) therapies

Water is one of the most abundantly available elements of nature, and it can help the body in a number of ways. Water can help relax the body, improve circulation as well as reduce the effects of gravity to encourage the body to strengthen and heal itself.

heat_therapyUse of Heat and Cold (thermotherapy)

Thermotherapy is the application of hot or cold elements to the body for pain relief and improvement of a patient’s health. It can take the form of heated or cold applications, hot water, ultrasound, heating pad or ice packs, specialized packs, aquatic therapies, and many others. It can be beneficial to patients with arthritis, stiff muscles and injuries to the deep tissue of the skin and musculature.