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In recent years, we humans have increasingly sought diets that are considered ‘organic’ and ‘natural’, going so far as to shop at stores that only specialize in these foods.  Our pets will similarly benefit from nutritional choices rooted in more natural and organic foods and supplements.

Nutrition deficiency has become commonplace in the modern world, not only for pets but also for people.  A diet that no longer resembles what an animal’s natural body responds to can lead to numerous medical challenges.

Our focus is to identify the natural nutritional needs of your pet, rather than develop ‘one size fits all’ foods and supplements.  By using organ, gland, tissue and system-specific whole foods and organic supplements dosed to your pet’s specific body chemistry, we aim to provide nourishment that encourages vitality so that the body can cleanse, heal and restore itself.

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A note about safety, effectiveness and regulation of complementary and alternative medical therapies: Rigorous, well-designed clinical trials for many complementary and alternative therapies are often lacking; therefore the safety and effectiveness of many therapies are uncertain.  Government regulations for most of these therapies are not the same as those for prescription or over-the-counter drugs. In general, regulations for most supplements and products are less strict; for example, manufacturers do not have to prove the safety and effectiveness of a dietary supplement before it is marketed.  However, the federal government is now funding studies in this field through its National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NCCAM) and numerous academic medical centers around the country are privately working in the field.