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  • birds in cage

    Spotlight Birds: Cage Hygiene

    Cage Hygiene in Birds What do I clean my bird’s cage with? Birds living in cages have the misfortune of eating in their bathroom and defecating in their kitchen, since it’s all the same place;….

  • client and cat

    Article: A Cure for Feline Hyperthyroidism

    Hyperthyroidism in Cats is Curable! Cats suffering hyperthyroidism have always been forced to require daily pills and medication, or surgery.  Those days are over! Now there is a cure (in 98% of cases) for Feline….

  • herbalist

    Article: Acupuncture & Traditional Chinese Medicine

    One of the more exciting areas to emerge in the veterinary industry has been holistic and natural therapies designed to complement Western medicines and therapies. The Center for Complementary & Alternative Medicine at Saint Francis….

  • dog_-_white_terrier_on_scale

    National Pet Obesity Awareness Day

    Is overweight and obesity really a problem for dogs & Cats? More than 50% of dogs and cats in North America are overweight or obese. These epidemic levels are reflected in the human population as….

  • kitten for dental spotlihgt

    Spotlight Cats: Brushing your cats teeth

    When should I brush my cat’s teeth? Teaching your cat to accept the brushing of its teeth will take some training, but will be relatively easy once he is accustomed to the process. Daily brushing….

  • oncology cancer dog cat animal veterinarian doctor

    Spotlight Dogs: Walking your dog for weight loss

    Veterinarians often recommend walking as a key element of most canine weight loss and fitness regimens. This sounds simple enough, but is it? The following questions are commonly asked by dog owners who are about….

  • dog dinner

    Article: Chocolate Ingestion in Dogs

    by Franc von Esse, VMD, DABVP – Chief of Emergency & Critical Care; Director of Emergency Services Chocolate ingestion and toxicity is a common problem in the emergency room.  Though many people are aware that….

  • cat and vet 3

    Perspective: When do I seek a second opinion?

    by Karyn Collier, DVM, Chief Medical Officer Veterinary Medicine is not an exact science.  The solution to problems is rarely black or white.  There are many, many shades of gray.  Veterinarians spend many years in….

  • dog in car 2

    Press Release: SFVC Supports Animal Seatbelt Law

    SFVC Supports Efforts to Secure Pets in Automobiles South Jersey’s leading veterinary specialty referral center supports state efforts to enforce securing pets in cars (Woolwich Township, NJ) – Saint Francis Veterinary Center of South Jersey….

  • Cat with glasses

    Department Spotlight: Ophthalmology

    The Department of Ophthalmology at Saint Francis is led by Robert L. Peiffer, DVM, PhD, DACVO, who has three decades experience both in academia and in private practice.  Dr. Martha Low is our Resident in….