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Woolwich Township
New Jersey 08085

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  • Group of cute kittens

    Spotlight: Boarding your pet

    Boarding your pet Boarding your pet can make many owners nervous, because they worry whether their beloved friend will be in good care while they are away.  We recommend a few options: Your pet stays….

  • Spotlight Guinea Pigs: Feeding

    Guinea pigs, like rabbits, are true herbivores, although the physiology and function of their gastrointestinal system is less well understood than that of the rabbit, which has been well investigated. Guinea pigs develop food preferences….

  • Spotlight Reptiles: Proper Lighting

    Why do reptiles need UV light? A wild reptile may spend many hours a day basking in the sun, absorbing ultraviolet (UV) light; these wavelengths of light are necessary for the body to manufacture the….

  • Spotlight Birds: Beak & Nail Care

    Do I need to be concerned about my bird’s beak and nails? Most wild birds are naturally very active during the day and would normally encounter a huge variety of perching textures and perch sizes….

  • Spotlight Cats: Declawing

    Declawing in Cats How is a declaw performed? Declawing (onychectomy) consists of surgical removal of at least the entire nail and nail bed of the front claws under general anesthesia. Some surgeons remove the entire 3rd phalanx…..

  • Spotlight: Holiday Safety Tips!

      Household Hazards – Holiday Safety Tips for Pet Owners During times of celebration, friends and family often gather in our homes. At these times, it is easy to overlook potential hazards to your pet’s….

  • Spotlight Sugar Gliders: Owning a Sugar Glider

    Sugar Gliders – Owning General Information Sugar gliders are small, nocturnal mammals that are usually active at night and sleep during the day. Like kangaroos, they are marsupials and possess a pouch in which the….

  • Spotlight Dogs: Canine Influenza

    Canine Influenza: The Dog Flu What is canine influenza? The H3N8 equine influenza virus has been recognized in horses for more than 40 years. In 2004, the H3N8 influenza virus or “flu” appears to have….

  • Spotlight Snakes: Housing your pet snake

    What type of cage does my snake require? You should try to provide the biggest cage possible. The type of cage you set up must be appropriate for the specific needs of the different species…..

  • Spotlight: Diabetes Mellitus in Dogs

    Diabetes Mellitus in Dogs What is diabetes mellitus? Diabetes mellitus is a disease of the pancreas. This is a small but vital organ located near the stomach. It has two significant populations of cells. One….