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Patty Hewett


Patty Hewett, Nurse

Patty is a nurse for the Department of Emergency and Critical Care. She has been working as a Veterinary Technician for 20 years. Due to moving around the east coast because of her husband’s work, she has had the privilege to work for several different hospitals.

She is originally from Northern Virginia, and a huge Redskins fan. Sorry Eagles fans. With her husband, son and many pets, she has lived in North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Northern Michigan, Detroit, and now in Southern New Jersey. Before working as a Veterinary Technician, Patty was an Animal Control Officer in Arlington, Virginia. While she saw it as a rewarding career, she saw too many cases of animal cruelty, and decided to make a career change. Patty has enjoyed working as a Veterinary Technician since the first day that she started.

She currently lives with her husband Gary, two Mastiffs, one spicy Australian Cattle Dog, two cats, and two horses. Patty is hoping to have finally planted her family in one area for more than 6 years.
While her husband and her pets mean the world to her, and she loves them all very much, Patty holds the greatest pride in her son Ryan, who is a SSgt., K-9 handler in the USAF. He just returned from his fourth deployment from “Somewhere Unknown”, Afghanistan.