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Brad Bates, VMD

Hospice Care Veterinarian

Brad Bates, VMD, Hospice Care Veterinarian

Dr. Bates offers hospice care at Saint Francis through the Lap of Love network of veterinarians.

Dr. Bates received his BS in Animal Sciences from Cornell University, a Masters in Animal Science and Laboratory Management from Drexel University and his Veterinary degree from the University of Pennsylvania. Throughout his education, his main focus has always been with cats and dogs.

As a practicing veterinarian, his interests include preventative and wellness medicine, pediatrics, senior pet care as well as radiology/ultrasound. While in general practice, he’s had the opportunity to work in a variety of veterinary venues such as general pet clinics, emergency clinics, shelters and university laboratories, which adds a greater level of diversity to his knowledge and background.

Dr. Brad considers himself to be a compassionate, reasonable and adaptable veterinarian that enjoys finding ways to help every pet he can, even if he’s hindered with a limitations in resources.

Dr. Brad shares his home with 3 cats and one dog, and sometimes laughs to himself thinking about how each one of them has their own crazy personalities. He takes pleasure in fostering pets from time to time, mostly older pets or those that have health concerns that require short term treatment before they are adoptable.

In his free time, Dr. Brad enjoys exploring the beautiful city of Philadelphia and the many wonderful coffee shops the city has to offer. He looks forward to traveling but is still relatively new to traveling out of the country.