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Free Eye Exams for Service Animals

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

During the Month of May, I am pleased to offer complementary eye examinations for all Service Animals at Saint Francis Veterinary Center of South Jersey.

The 7th annual ACVO sponsored National Service Animal Eye Exam event will provide a free screening-wellness eye exam to Service Animals including those provide the following services: guide, hearing assistance, drug detection, police/military, search and rescue, therapy, and those assisting people with disabilities other than blindness.

Registration will be open during the Month of April via the National Service Dog Eye Exam program website:  I encourage you to make a note in your calendar to make an appointment once registration begins in a few short weeks.

Over 15,000 Service Animals have received these free screening exams over the past five years, and the Department of Ophthalmology at Saint Francis is very pleased to participate in 2014.

I invite you to learn more at It would be my pleasure to assist our region’s service men, women and Service Animals via this program.

Most sincerely,

Robert L. Peiffer, DVM, PhD, DACVO
Chief of Ophthalmology