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Veterinarians are here 24 hours per day and no appointment is necessary in emergency circumstances.

We are centrally located within a few miles of the NJ Turnpike, Route 322 and 295.

Our doctors and staff will coordinate closely with your primary care veterinarian, so that we exchange medical records to ensure we have the information we need to care for your pet and so that your veterinarian’s office maintains complete records following your visit at our hospital.

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ALERT: Saint Francis open 24/7 during Hurricane Sandy

October 28, 2012

Pet emergencies during Hurricane Sandy  For Immediate Release – Pet emergencies during Hurricane Sandy

For communities in South Jersey, Northern Delaware and Eastern Pennsylvania

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Saint Francis Veterinary Center will be fully operational, with full medical teams and independent on-site electrical power, during Hurricane Sandy.  Should your pet experience a medical emergency at any time – day or night – during the storm, we urge you to call our emergency line at 856.467.0050.

Emergency and critical care veterinarians are available around the clock to help you evaluate and address your pet’s medical conditions. Our medical staff will help you to evaluate the situation to determine whether immediate travel to our facility is necessary or whether mitigating steps can be taken at home until the storm passes.

Saint Francis Veterinary Center is powered by on-site emergency power generators in case the power grid in the region goes down. This means that our surgery, critical care and treatment centers will have power even in the event that power in the surrounding community goes down.

Hurricane Sandy is set to make landfall, according to weather reports, along a path through South Jersey. This is a dangerous storm and it is not advised that pet owners drive unless absolutely necessary.

Tips to prepare for the storm:

  1. If your area is ordered to evacuate, do so. Take your pets with you if possible.
  2. Plan ahead – know a pet-friendly place to go in case of evacuation.
  3. Prepare an emergency kit for your pets, including food, fresh water, medications, medical records, first aid, identification documentation and a carrier or leash.
  4. Know how to reach out hospital by phone and driving in case of unforeseen emergency.
  5. Keep blankets and toys that your pet may find comforting nearby.
  6. Comfort your pet – storms are stressful to them just as they are to us.
  7. Do not walk take or let your pet outside if surroundings are unsafe.

If your pet experiences a medical emergency that requires immediate transportation to our hospital:

  1. Remain calm – your pet depends on you to maintain clear thoughts to maintain safety for both of you
  2. Call us – 856.467.0050. Our doctors and staff will work to help you through the situation.
  3. Evaluate your surroundings – do not drive if conditions are unsafe.
  4. If conditions are safe for transportation, secure your pet in your car. This is very important to ensure safe driving conditions inside your vehicle.
  5. Print out directions and review the route, or program your GPS, BEFORE you turn on your car. Do not look at your phone as you drive.
  6. Let a family member know that you are transporting your pet to our hospital, and set times that you will check in. Alert them to your route in case something should happen so that authorities can reach you in the event of a break down.
  7. Drive safely. Stay off of back roads and roads that are poorly lit.
  8. When you arrive, park directly in front of the hospital, ring the emergency bell, and our staff will immediately assist you. After you arrive, immediately call a family member to let them know you are safe.

You can find directions, including point by point directions and maps, here: Directions & Maps.

Our address is: 392 Kings Highway, Woolwich Township, New Jersey, 08085.

Please be safe and do not hesitate to call us at any time should your pet require emergency medical care.

Phone: 856.467.0050
Fax: 856.467.9549

About Saint Francis Veterinary Center

St. Francis Veterinary Center is an award-winning, AAHA-accredited specialty referral practice for animals. Based in Woolwich Township, N.J. the center is home to numerous Board Certified specialists and other veterinary experts, specializing in emergency and critical care, surgery, internal medicine, cardiology, radiology, ophthalmology, physical rehabilitation, nuclear medicine, and holistic and natural therapies. For more information please visit

Additional animal emergency centers in the Delaware Valley:


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