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Press Release: SFVC Supports Animal Seatbelt Law

SFVC Supports Efforts to Secure Pets in Automobiles

South Jersey’s leading veterinary specialty referral center supports state efforts to enforce securing pets in cars

(Woolwich Township, NJ) – Saint Francis Veterinary Center of South Jersey supports legislation proposed by Assemblywoman L. Grace Spencer (D-Newark) to require motorists to secure dogs and cats with harnesses when traveling in cars if they are not otherwise secured in crates.

“This legislation is rooted in safety both for animals and for humans.  While we may like watching Fido enjoy the passing scenery with his head out of the window sitting on our lap, the potential for distraction or incident is high because we can’t always predict what the animal will do, what our automobile will do, or what drivers might be forced to react to while driving,” commented Mark F. Magazu, II, MPA, JD, President and Chief Executive Officer of Saint Francis Veterinary Center. “This is a measure that makes the driving experience safer for everyone involved – our pets, ourselves, other drivers and pedestrians. Once we’re at our final destination, then the fun with our pets can begin.”

The medical team at Saint Francis Veterinary Center consists of a team of renowned Board Certified Specialists as well as experienced clinicians and nurses to serve the local community of veterinarians.  Along with its sister hospital, Swedesboro Animal Hospital, Saint Francis Veterinary Center (formerly called Tri-State Animal Emergency Center) was recognized by the American Animal Hospital Association as one of the Top 2 small animal practices in all of North America in 2012.

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Mark F. Magazu, II, MPA, JD
President & Chief Executive Officer